Red Apple Publishing is a dynamic publishing company with a strong dedication to its authors.

Red Apple Publishing is an ePublishing company in Kelowna, British Columbia. One of our unique features includes publishing into iBookstore with We publish everything from cookbooks to science fiction, lifestyle, romance, political science, lifestyle and any other genre. If you have a book or a set of literary works that you would like ePublished feel free to contact us.

Red Apple Publishing would like to announce our newest Author:

10-year old Devin Barzal

Red Apple Publishing has just launched Devin Barzal's first book. Devin's dream of becoming an author and publishing his work is coming true today! Let's all support Devin in bringing his dream's into reality! 10-year old Devin is affable, imaginative, caring, and bookish. Lover of video games, books and friends. He feels relaxed with friends, energetic outdoors and excited in front of the computer. Devin gives patience, courage, and feelings to those who fear getting into trouble. One of Devin's most awe-inspiring personal dreams is to travel to and see Lego Land someday.

You can purchase a copy of Devins book here:


TITAN: The Midnight Hour - Hugh Beckstead

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