Shauna Paynter and Lynn McCarthy

Shauna and Lynn of Red Apple Publishing

This mother-daughter business partnership has brought about a whole new meaning in Shauna and Lynn's relationship. Working together has deepened their understanding of one another, giving them a big gift of love and laughter.

In 2009, Shauna and Lynn, began to manifest their idea of creating and writing children's books, based on the imaginative stories told by their Great/Grandmother, Martha Brinkman. These stories were considered GIFTS, from their ancestors and they felt sharing them would be nothing but delightful.


Owner of Red Apple Publishing, Shauna

Shauna Dawn Paynter

With a compassionate heart, and a quick mind, Shauna’s main fascination is teaching and learning. As an expressive art educator and high school teacher, Shauna invites students and participants into activities to strengthen the appreciation of our interconnectedness, embody reciprocity and create sustainable solutions. She seeks to facilitate relational learning by encouraging connection with our natural world, acceptance of all beings and peace building on all levels. Her greatest hope is to assist others in expanding beyond their current knowledge and discover new insights for themselves. Moving toward this offers a tighter alignment with our soul’s purpose and fuels authenticity. By clarifying our purpose in life and are better equipped to embody a new way of being in the world.

"I truly became the student, only after becoming the teacher", is one core belief Shauna holds. Surrendering her life to learning and assisting others, all the while allowing her own soul to lead the way.

Shauna holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Professional Teaching Degree from the University of Victoria. A recent graduate of California’s Sofia University with her Master of Art in Transpersonal Psychology Shauna is also studying under the direction of Natalie Rogers, the daughter of Carl Rogers, in a two-year certificate program entitled Expressive Arts for Healing and Social Change.