Saturday June 14, 2014
Okanagan Angel and Fairy Day
Shatford Center, 760 Main street, Penticton

Shauna Paynter BSc. MA. (creativity & innovation) PDPP

Certified Angel Card reader, Expressive Art Educator & Therapist, and author of the delightful children's book Applestory. Shauna will offer intuitive readings utilizing various angel and tarot decks. Supporting others in embodying sacred details of their own lives through creative process is one of Shauna's specialties. Exploring and honouring dreams and dreaming is the other. It is her greatest desire to expand awareness and weave together mind, body and spirit such that our lives become visible signs of invisible grace. May we all come to recognize and intimately know the Eternal part of ourSelves.

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Shauna is currently developing a writing course. This course will enhance and augment your current writing skills offering a safe and supportive environment for learning and growing as an author. Through experiential learning, and expressive art technique we will layer our writing with various creative activities. Within the framework of writing exists the bone of thought and then the shell that holds these bones together. Splicing the two out for what they are makes us better writers. Here we explore the essence of what our minds and bodies want to say. Together we will take on the practice of writing as if it were a meditation practice.

Red Apple Published Books

Creativity is our birthright and one portal to inner wisdom and transpersonal awareness. By witnessing and honouring our personal creative writing process we delve into the relationship between creativity, intuition and multilevel awareness. Layering creative expression, even ritualizing it, assists in deepening this process to unearth and illuminate what might be lingering at the edge of our noticing. Through verbal and nonverbal activities, we safely access places within our psyche that are normally inaccessible to our waking consciousness. Through various exercises, geared toward deep listening and multiple ways of knowing, coupled with creative exploration, I support and facilitate others in embodying sacred details of their own lives—to expand awareness and weave together mind, body, and spirit such that our lives become visible signs of invisible grace.