Gifts from their Ancestors 

Shauna and Lynn History

As a result of Lynn being raised by her grandparents and great-grandparents in the Orchard Lands of Winfield, BC, these stories are part of her heritage, part of her history. . . . . .

There were no children's books when Lynn was growing up, therefore a plethora of tales were told to her orally. These oral stories have been pieced together from memories that Lynn began having in 2009.
Apple Basket
Through a process of dreamwork and subsequent journaling, Lynn was able to recall and outline these stories which led her to this path of writing and publishing these beautiful books.

Shauna and Lynn formed a business partnership in order to manifest the dream of sharing these precious tales with others, while deepening their mother-daughter relationship. Service to others, keeps these women working with purpose and dedication, in hopes of bringing joy and happiness to others.

Both Shauna and Lynn dedicate these books to the memory and legacy of their ancestors, giving thanks for these delightful gems that can now be shared with others.

Shauna - Red Apple Publisher