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Red Apple Publishing is an ePublishing company in Kelowna, British Columbia. One of our unique features includes publishing into iBookstore with We publish everything from cookbooks to science fiction, lifestyle, romance, political science, lifestyle and any other genre. If you have a book or a set of literary works that you would like ePublished feel free to contact us.

Red Apple Publishing would like to announce our newest Author:

Lisa Curtis

In Between the Lines by Lisa Curtis

In Between the LinesIntuitive empath and former holistic practitioner, Lisa Curtis, traverses the razor's edge of raw emotion with her intimate, vulnerable and deeply honest writing style. Provocative and ethereal, dark and enlightening, In Between the Lines, invites the reader to embark on their own transformative journey of self-inquiry and post-traumatic growth. Some poems may be triggering and contain mature content.

You can purchase a copy of Lisa's book here:
In Between the Lines


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